About WestCroft Park

Nestled in the beautiful Surrey countryside near Chobham, lies Westcroft Park Polo club and Polo Academy.  The club boasts three full sized, boarded polo fields and 2 stick and ball fields.


Polo All Year Round


Westcroft also has the largest commercial polo arena in Europe and is the only arena in the London area with its own clubhouse to overlook it.  A unique structure, the clubhouse has two storeys and in winter time is a place to shelter from the cold, and fuel your fires with its own Bar and Grill, in summer the Asado fires roar and the champagne flows into the walm balmy summer evenings to the soundtrack of thundering hooves.


 Westcroft in Winter


Westcroft Park is home to a number of Uk and foreign professionals based at the club, including two of Englands greatest Arena Players, who are actually number 1 and number 3 in the world.

With all our pros ranging from 4 to 10 goals and a broad range of Club Members, if you are looking for a good level of club polo, in a fun and friendly atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends, look no further.


Polo School


Learn to play all year round, with no riding experience necessary, check out all our different packages available here

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