Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

Our Specialist Polo Academy is famous for providing great days out for groups large and small - whether you wish to entertain clients or offer a team-building day with a big difference, the club is very experienced in providing bespoke polo days for large groups.



We welcome non-riders – about 65% of those we teach have never ridden before – and we provide all the necessary equipment, including specially trained (and understanding!) ponies.

Our coaching system enables even non-riders to take part in their first chukka within one session.


Therefore, all you and your guests will need to enjoy the King Of Sports is a sense of fun and adventure



Our unique Learn-to-Play Polo Experience - combines a very different learning experience with beautiful surroundings and top class hospitality. With no prior riding experience necessary,


It is an ideal solution for:


Client hospitality

 Networking & relationship building events

Staff incentives

Family fun days

Team building

Social events


"Your guests really will play their first polo match at the end of their experience!"


Our traditional Argentine Asado lunch is a novel yet very popular experience where whole lambs and sides of beef and traditional chorizos are cooked over open wood fires for up to 6 hours, to produce a wonderful feast accompanied by an array of beautiful salads with only the best local ingredients.  We cater for vegetarians too!







Corporate entertainment events cater for 12 people or more, and will teach everyone the basics of rules and tactics, riding and the all-important swing technique.  The day can be structured in different ways, for example towards team building if that is your requirement, added to a healthy dose of competition, is guaranteed to ensure your guests don’t forget your day any time soon.


Packages start from £195 + Vat, discounts are available for larger groups and this includes welcome coffee and bacon sandwiches or pastries and croissants, followed by the 3 hour polo experience, and our special Asado lunch package.


Contact us to find out more and also you can make this a full day package, with additional lunch courses, drinks packages, all professional exhibition matches, additional activities and afternoon teas.



Country Pursuits


With over 70 acres of open parkland and a further 60 acres of farm and grazing land, there isn’t much we cant do, so chose a package which includes polo as part of your day or we can build one that doesn’t, its entirely up to you! Take a look through our other options below:



Air Rifle Shooting


Using the latest Air Magnum weapons with telescopic sights Guests are supervised  by  professional  shooting  instructors  to  shoot  at  remotely controlled  paper  targets,  then  pyrotechnic  flash  pods on  the  moving shooting gallery. Producing the flashes and bangs with clouds of smoke when hit, they are a challenging show stopper.


Archery & Crossbow


Providing a  selection  of  bows  to  ensure  participants  have the  right equipment   to   obtain   good   results   and   professional   instructors helping guests to acquire the necessary skills to enjoy this popular, traditional  activity,  it  always  hits  the  spot.  We use  high  quality competition  re-curve  bows  which are fitted  with  sights to ensure  the best accuracy and aim.


Clay Pigeon Shooting


No matter the experience level, from novices to experienced shooters, we can design the shoot layout specifically for your needs. Guided by our qualified, professional instructors with full safety and all equipment provided including the guns, cartridges and cages- you just need to turn up and enjoy the shooting experience.


Duck Herding


Can  you  control  sheepdog  and  herd  ducks  through  an  obstacle course?  There  will  be  instruction  and  support  from  a  top  sheepdog handler  who  will  supervise  as  you  control  your  dogs  and  ducks through  the  course,  this  has  potential  to  be  one  of  the  comedic activities.




Enjoy a static display of many different hawks, owls and falcons as well as having the chance to hold and fly these trained birds of prey from your fist. This ancient, noble sport is both thrilling and fascinating, with our professional Falconers who have many years experience of handling and flying these majestic birds and can execute a spectacular flying display as a grand finale!


Ferret Racing


Become thoroughly involved, entering the ferret into the pipe course then dashing to the other end of the course encouraging their ferret to win the race. Ferret Roulette can also be incorporated, where the ferret  is  placed  in  a  drum  with  a  number  of  exits  at  the  base  and guests bet on which exit the ferret will appear from.


Fly Casting


The  art  of  this  skill  is  taught,  emphasizing  the requirement  of  technique, not  strength  to  achieve  results  by  professional  and  qualified  instructors and  dependent  on  experience-  with  different  length  rods. Fly  casting techniques  taught  are  Trout  and  Salmon  Fly  Casting,  with an  accuracy competition on grass or water to assess your development.


GNAT Shooting


(Radio Controlled Model Aircraft)



This  is  one  of  our  most  exhilarating  activities;  using  conventional shotguns  as  an  experienced  pilot flies  the plane,  all  you have  to do  is try  and  shoot  it  down  in  your  teams  of  up  to  5!  The  qualified  and professional  instructors  will  ensure  competition,  with the  pyrotechnic flash  pods  on  the  plane  registering  all  hits,  complete safety  and spectacular crashes when the GNAT is shot down.


Gun Dog Handling


Guests  have  the  opportunity  for  close  contact  with  the  friendly  and approachable  dogs  that  the  experienced,  professional  trainers  bring with  them,  including a  range of breeds  such as Labradors, Spaniels, Pointers  and  Retrievers.  You  can  learn  about  and  participate  in training methods including an interactive obstacle course.


Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting


Supervised  by  a  qualified  shooting  instructor,  from  five  to  ten  can shoot at targets together safely with specially adapted shotguns that fire beams of infra-red light at reflective clay pigeons and scores are displayed  electronically! This  activity  is  ideal  for  larger  events  and areas  where  conventional shooting  is  not  possible  due  to  noise  or safety grounds.


Laser Helicopter Shooting


This  is  an  upgrade  option  on  laser  clay  shooting,  whereby a reflective   clay   replica   will   be   replaced   by   a   remote   control helicopter to add some more excitement.  This activity has a pilot controlling the helicopter to ensure full safety.


Muzzle Loader Shooting


Our  instructors,  in  period  shooting  costume, bring  a  wide  selection of antique     weapons     including flintlocks,  muzzle-loaders and blunderbusses. The history and development behind the weapons are explained before guests shoot them, with lots  of noise, smoke, and a fascinating insight this activity is always a popular choice



Pistol Shooting


Take  your  shot  at  a  variation  of  target  options,  tailored  to  your experience  and  difficulty  level,  with  our  extremely  accurate  guns powered by CO². Firing air gun pellets, yet handling just like the real thing,  you  can  ensure  a  great  shooting  experience  without  the  risk of recoil.


Simulated Game Shooting


We   can   take   care   of   everything-   providing   qualified, professional instructors, guns and cartridges.  With ideal numbers being from 12-16 guests, lots of experience and a range of venues in different parts of the UK, we can give you one of the best Game Shoot experiences possible.  A typical day includes 6 different drives, interspersed with lunch and a tea at the end.  Clay pigeons are presented to simulate the flight of high pheasants, driven partridges and other game  species,  in addition  to  this, our  Flurry Launcher,  mounted  on  a  15m  hoist  can  show  high  birds,  even on flat ground! Our instructors will stay with you for the full day to instruct and supervise.  It is an experience that inexperienced shooters will benefit hugely from.


Supershot Simulator


A shooting option that  provides  realistic  firearms  and  shooting experience  safely,  via  a  firearm  which  emits  a  laser  pulse directed at a screen. Using up to date technology a wide range of challenging targets are available to test   novices to experienced shots.




Sports Activities




Mini Badminton


Run with an instructor on a court and a range of sizes in shuttlecocks, rackets, nets and pitches to ensure for an extraordinar game  of  badminton  to remember.  A mini   league   can   be   organised   depending   on   the amount of people attending.



(Kwik) Cricket


With up to 3  teams  playing at a  time,  this  competitive non-stop  clock  format is  a  fantastic  team  game.  Run by  qualified  instructors  to  guide  and  improve  skills required  and  ensure   safety   during   the  activity,   in addition to the safer and more risk free equipment.





This  game  can  be  adaptable  in  size  depending on the group sizes, big or small Croquet fits easily in to team challenges.

The whole activity is run by qualified instructors,  can  be  very  competitive  and  won  with  a strategical mind-set.


Golf Chipping Challenge


While supervised by instructors and with a choice of golf clubs to use, the challenge is essentially to chip 10 balls into a number of fun and challenging targets.




This is a similar game to hockey but alternatively is played on a smaller pitch, with supersized goals and flexible hockey sticks that can be used on  either  side.  The qualified  instructor  will  run  the games  with  the playing ball being an “air ball” which is fantastic as it is realistic and fun for informal competitions


Human Table Football


Just like the original pub game, except for you’re in an inflatable 30x50 inflatable   arena, strapped in, and you’re a player...This  can  be  the ultimate  team  game,  as  the players are attached to the bars that slide from one side to another, with only 2 or 3 people per bar,  teams  need  a combination  of  co-ordination, skill and luck to score goals!  We can  stage  mini  leagues  if  requested  in any number for any scale of event.


Soft Ball/Rounder’s


With  up  to 3 teams  playing at a time, games  will be fully  instructed and at a  safe  level of playing and  teams  will  have  all  relevant  equipment  to  hand, literally  being  given  everything  including  the catching gloves and bats.



Tag Rugby


We run Tag Rugby as a fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby, this can be suitable for male or females of all ages and abilities. It is run by qualified instructors, and there will be no scrums, line outs or contact tackling.



Mini Tennis


Mini Tennis is an instructor led activity with the potential to be organised into a mini league to find a winner.  The  activity  can  be  played  with  a  range  of  sizes in  balls,  rackets,  nets  and  pitches  to ensure for a fun and memorable game of tennis.


Tug ’O’ War


Pull  as  hard  as  you  can  against  your  competitor  to  be crowned  the winning  team  of  tug  of  war,  in  the  classic competitive fun spirit of the game.



Giant Volleyball


Giant  volleyball  is  fun  for  everyone  in  small  or  large numbers,  played  on  a  normal  size  court  however  with  an oversized  Volleyball...up  to  60cm  in  diameter  creates  a different spin on the already fun sport. It  will  be  supervised  at  all  times  by  instructors,  with mini leagues provided to see a clear winning team at the end.



It’s a WIPE OUT.


This  is  an  inflatable  world  of  challenges,  for  teams  or for  individuals,  there  is  so  much  variety  in courses  to  keep  you  busy having fun!  Testing  your  bouncing, balancing  and  agility,  this  can  be a wet or dry experience, safely run by instructors.



Fun other activities on offer can include...


Fun  Boules,  Frizbee’s  Swingball,  Circus  Activity  Selection,  Giant Connect   4,   Giant   Jenga,   Horseshoe   Tossing   and   even   Welly Wanging!





Motorised Activities


Blindfold Land Rover Driving


With a course set out by qualified instructors, and anexperienced instructor travelling in the front passenger seat, the aim of the game is to negotiate an obstacle course in the shortest time. The driver of the Land Rover is blindfolded and other guests or team members sit in the vehicle to give directions.




Flying a hovercraft machine is an experience like no other, it can be  fun  yet  challenging  trying  to  control  them  on  water  or  land. Instructors  will  set  out  the  courses  to  complete and  they  will also provide all safety equipment and instruction.


Quad Bike Obstacle Course


Full  safety  briefings  and  demonstrations  are  given  to  operate  the quad bikes which are the Suzuki 160cc or Honda Big Reds 4 wheel bikes.  The  instructor  will  set  the  obstacle  course  including see-saws, a limbo bar and parallel logs and you will be in for a very fun ride!






These  Segway’s  are  fun  to  master  to  see  what  it’s  like  to “hover” above the ground and glide around. They are stand on machines  so  you  will  feel  connected  to  the  machine  and our event  crew  will  provide all  the  necessary equipment and rider training  to  make  sure  all  experiences  are  safe  and  positive, even inflatable courses can be provided! These machines can be a  smooth and graceful  experience  and  can  make for great team building challenges too!



Sporting Trials Cars



These  trial  cars  are  two-wheel  drive  vehicles  driven  using  road  tyres, over  seemingly  impossible  routes  on  a  dedicated  off-road course,  you will be accompanied by a qualified co-driver in the vehicle. And here’s a top  tip  for  when  you  begin,  make  use  of  the  fiddle  breaks,  you’ll  need them to succeed!










Looking for an extreme thrill? The mighty DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle), also known as the Shredder, is the first true cross-over vehicle for power sports. A combination of a tank, skateboard and motocross bike is the only way to describe these little mean machines.  Shredder experiences can focus on motivation, communication, relationship building, but more importantly having fun! We provide a variety of bespoke packages for either small group sessions to full day events at a location of your choice.







If you have any special ideas, please do run them by us…….it’s simple, if we can we will, with 120 acres of open space, the possibilities can’t be far from endless!


For further details and to discuss how we can tailor the day to be just right for your company’s important guests, please contact us directly on:


Tel: 01276858545