Discover Polo

No previous riding experience needed!

Nestled in the beautiful Surrey countryside close to London, lies Westcroft Park Polo Club and Polo Academy. With an all-weather outdoor teaching and winter polo arena, as well as three full sized, boarded polo fields and 2 stick and ball fields, we have the finest polo facilities for beginners to advanced players. 

  • We offer several affordable formats for tuition, so that we can provide the right type of coaching for an individual’s level of ability, fitness and athletic skill.
  • We welcome non-riders – about 65% of those we teach have never ridden before – and we provide all the necessary equipment, including specially trained (and understanding!) ponies.
  • Top class coaching, enables even non-riders to obtain a full grasp of the game and play instructional chukkas in no time at all.
  • Therefore, all you need to enjoy the Sport of Kings is a sense of fun and adventure.
  • No membership is required to take part in any of our training activities listed below.

Ready to play your 1st Chukka?

Our Discover Polo package includes 10 private lessons and 2 instructional chukka sessions. This is the ideal starting point where we take you through all the aspects of the game. Our HPA qualified and DBS certified instructors will teach you riding for polo, how to play all the shots, the rules and theory of the game, how to stick & ball and play chukkas like a pro! Absolutely no previous riding experience is required. Our Discover Polo package is fun filled, adrenaline packed and can be booked at times to suit you.


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