Learn to Play Polo


We offer several affordable formats for tuition, so that we can provide the right type of coaching for an individual’s level of ability, fitness and athletic skill.

We welcome non-riders – about 65% of those we teach have never ridden before – and we provide all the necessary equipment, including specially trained (and understanding!) ponies.

Top class coaching enables even non-riders to take part in their first chukka within one session and the experience is also available as a gift voucher.

Therefore, all you need to enjoy the Sport of Kings is a sense of fun and adventure. No membership is required to take part in any of our training activities listed below. Where does the information for this booking go to?



Ready to play your first chukka!? This is the ideal starting point where we take you through all the basics of the game. This fun and adrenaline filled 2 hour lesson, only needs to be taken once. The course is available privately, or in small groups and comprises – Polo riding, use of the stick for the four shots, rules of the game, stick & ball, practice on ponies and the theory of the game. Discover Polo runs every other weekend year round. You are welcome to bring spectators and to stick around afterwards to watch the pro’s in action!

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